Friday, January 10, 2014

Album Review: Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest

Sara Bareilles is one of those artists that always make you sit up and take notice, even if she's isn't quite a household name. (And she should be).

Take the opening song of The Blessed Unrest, "Brave." This is the song that Katy Perry's "Roar" wanted to be, if it had some depth and if Katy had a little more talent.

Sara, is an artist that doesn't need the bells and whistles or in this case, the leopard print, skimpy outfit. Pick any song from The Blessed Unrest and you'll see that.

She's a songwriter and a girl with a piano. Yes, that's so typical with female artists, but Sara has that special something that makes her music different. "Chasing The Sun" follows "Brave." It is a more thoughtful song with a slower melody, yet the chorus grabs you and lingers in your head.

This album is a mixture of deep and introspective to fun and almost frolicking. "Little Black Dress" dares you not to tap you foot. "Cassiopiea" is dark and mysterious. The song's tone takes you to space, to that very constellation.

Sure, Sara's the type of music you can expect to here at your favorite coffee house. Her music makes makes you want to sit back and relax and simply enjoy. "I Choose You" is sweetly romantic. It is the type of song you expect to hear playing during a romantic comedy when the guy and girl finally have a crazy, awesome date. (Probably in a park)

"Eden" is super quirky tune, that sees Sara channeling The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. This song escaped from the 80s!

The album closes with "December." It is the perfect winter song. The lyrics "December, you have always been a problem child," will have many nodding their heads in agreement.

Sara Bareilles proves to all who will listen that there are some albums worth buying and The Blessed Unrest is one of them. Twelve songs that will make you remember what "good music" sounds like.

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