Friday, January 17, 2014

Why Sherlock Is My TV Boyfriend....and my TV Boyfriend Harem

Until I tuned into an episode of Sherlock I was never sure what Benedict Cumberbatch's appeal was.

After watching, I realize, it isn't Benedict that the world is fussing is Sherlock.

Sherlock is bloody brilliant.

He's a naive, genius. He's part Shawn Spencer from Psych and part Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory.

It is these personality traits that make Sherlock a character that women...well at least this woman...want to grab and take care more ways than one.

Now I'm not saying that Benedict Cumberbatch isn't a cutie on his own.

Cos lord knows this guy has some pretty baby blues...

But he's nothing to me outside of his character.

I also admit to having another TV boyfriend...

Cos I'm fickle like that....

That boyfriend is The Doctor.

First let me say this had nothing to do with David Tennant being a hottie...cos well...he is..he can't help himself...

But is The Doctor character...I love

Quirky brilliance...and he's an alien on top of it all.

And yes, the fez is cool..

I have to admit though...even though 11 would be my favorite TV Boyfriend of the Doctor..I would also take 10, 8, 5, 4 and 3....

Again I'm fickle.

But as I've said repeatedly...its the character I love more than the actor...I'm hoping the 12th Doctor joins my list of TV boyfriends this year.

So ladies, who are your tv boyfriends and do you like them because of who they are or the character they play?

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