Monday, January 20, 2014

I've Been Sher-locked: The Empty Hearse SPOILERS as River Song would say

Ah what to say about Sherlock's Series Three premier.

Let's start by saying, Moffat and Gatiss do Sherlock better than they do Doctor Who these days, and maybe it is time for a change of showrunners...

Sherlock was bloody brilliant.

Let's recap the best bits in no particular order!

~ Sherlock kissed Molly!!!!!!!

~ Watson's wife is in fact...Watson's wife...

~ Sherlock dressed as a waiter with drawn on mustache!

~ Headbutting Sherlock for being alive, but not telling you that he faked his death.

~ Moriarty/Sherlock shipping!

~ Mrs. Hudson thinking that Sherlock and Watson are a couple..and Watson freaking out about it!

~ Mary and Sherlock saving Watson's ass.

God I could go on, but really this episode was fantastic. It tied up the loose ends from The Reichenbach Fall in a way that only The Moff can do it, while still leaving you thinking.

It had the trademark hilarity that comes with Sherlock. Anyone that's that much of a genius has to be hysterical. Seriously...I want a crossover with Sheldon Cooper.

86 minutes wasn't nearly long enough! I need more Sherlock NOW!

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