Saturday, August 9, 2014

Album Review: Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

Wise Up Ghost is EC with The Roots. I've always liked Fallon's band, but for some reason I was always reluctant to buy this album.

The style of the songs is reminiscent of When I Was Cruel with a touch of The Delivery Man. Its a bit rock and funk and a lot of recycled lyrics.

I've always been a fan of EC and I've loved some of the albums that most can't stand, like Goodbye Cruel World and Mighty Like A Rose.

There's always something I can find to like on a Costello album, however this album is pushing it for me. It does have a few pleasant moments. The title track, is dark, and not quiet sung. It is moody and becomes funkier as it goes on. The lyrics boarder on poetic.  However if the lyrics "She's pulling out the pins" are used once more, I'm going to hunt EC down and hit him upside the head with a CD.

"Walk Us Uptown" is a great album opener. This is one of the tracks that will have you drawing comparisons to When I Was Cruel. It is fun and funky. "Sugar Won't Work" is another one that packs his usual punch.

The song of my heart on this album is "If I Could Believe." For as unpretty as EC's voice is, his ballads are always full of emotion.

Costello is an artist that you can admire for all the styles he's tried and the artists he's collaborated with over the years. This album however isn't one of his more consistent sounding albums. It feels too much like Mr. Costello has become the lead singer of The Roots.

It leaves me wishing that EC would just be himself when he makes his next album, because I'm heartily sick of him trying to be someone else.

3 stars (out of 5)

Listen: If I Could Believe

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