Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: Deep Breath (minor spoilers)

It seems like forever since we had a full season/series of Doctor Who.

Finally, we have one, and though the episode was far from perfect you can take away a few things from it.

The 12th Doctor is going to be badass.

He isn't your boyfriend. (OK, maybe he can be mine, cos I'm 40, and I don't mind thinking a bloke of 56 is pretty attractive)

Clara has finally gotten herself a personality! It took a half season and two specials for it to happen, but they finally did it, and she's a lot easier to take now. (Which leaves me grumbling that she'll probably leave at Christmas just when I started to like her)

There's an odd bit of comedy going on here too. Some of it works and some of it feels out of place. (Like Strax and The Times). And the sexual tension comes from Madame Vastra and Jenny.

I don't know what Moffat did with these two, but I liked when they were smart characters and suddenly Vastra was channeling Captain Jack. If she had been like that in previous episodes it would have made more sense, but I guess there's a leg humping clause written into New Who.

The episode has a good creepy vibe going on, with our baddies being someone we've seen before, back in David Tennant's era of Who.

The best part of the episode was getting to know Capaldi's Doctor. He's angry and confused and there were a few times when you were waiting for him to drop an "F" bomb. (Cos Capaldi does that so well). He really steals the show, especially as he's coming to terms with his new face.

Overall a pretty great start to 12's run, with a cameo from Eleven which will have fangirls the world over sniffling.

I love Matt, but I didn't really think that scene was necessary.

Which brings me to the question...why was Clara having such difficulty with this version of the Doctor when she'd seen all his other selves?  As much as I hate to give Rose Tyler any credit, she transitioned much better and more believably.

Loved the new title sequence, but hated what they did to the theme song.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode.

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