Sunday, June 28, 2015

Political Rant

I'm so sick of everyone saying that Obama has destroyed this country in his two  terms in office. That's basically depends on whose side you are on.

No president is perfect because no person is perfect, but I really hate that everything gets blamed on him, especially after the last bozo who held office.

If we really want to talk about who destroyed this country, let's talk about Sarah Palin and her tea party cronies. If it weren't for McCain's lack of vetting when it came to his VP candidate, she could have gone quietly away.

Instead we have this whack job who divided the republican party and then joined them making them ultra conservative and ultra Christian and ultra hate filled.

Before the tea party the two parties could sometimes work together. I'm not saying they were best buddies, but it was possible for them to work together, which is something that hasn't happened at all since Sarah's tea party loonies came to bed.

There has been more hatred and division in the last few years than ever before and the blame seems to be misguidedly placed.

Now if only we could deport Sarah to Russia, which she can apparently see from her house.

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