Friday, October 7, 2011

Films On Friday

The weekend is upon us and TV is a vast wasteland now. So what's a wench to do, except try to find some good movies to watch.

I'm thinking of going for a little bit of fluff.

Here are two titles that I bought on the cheap in the past few months that I never did get around to watching.

I know neither of these films are super great. In fact, I've heard Inkheart really stunk, but Brendan Fraser is such lovely eyecandy that I may be able to overlook the badness of it. As for 27 Dresses, I've not heard anything about it, and I got it for my birthday, because I thought the plot looked cute and well, it was a $5.00 gift from my college age nephew.

So which one should I try? Or what should I rent?

There's no Doctor Who for a long while now, and I need to have some weekend TV viewing that doesn't involve the Disney Channel.

Help a wench out!

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