Monday, October 24, 2011

Musical Mondays: Ashton Sheperd - Where Country Grows

Ashton Sheperd's latest offering Where Country Grows is a "real" country album. Country has been flooded with more pop sounding music lately and Ms. Sheperd doesn't really play that way.

Her songs have that ole "My dog died, my car broke down, and my guy is cheatin' on me." She also sings it with a twang.

The lead single is "Look It Up" a cover, originally done by Jasmine Rae.  Ashton gives some hell to a cheater. The follow up single is the title track. It's a bit slower, but it is a true country anthem, that is great for blasting on sunny days.

Where Country Grows is infused with some humor too. "More Cows Then People," is one of those songs. It has a great fiddle and an infectious melody. How can lyrics like

"Ain't no noise, no red lights

Ain't no buildings messin' up my moonlight
Ain't no doubt, why I live out where there's more cows than people"

not bring a smile to your face?

The token sappy ballad is "I'm Just A Woman." It isn't the best ballad, and it is a trifle depressing, but it does show that Ashton can sing a sad sad song with the best of them. It also makes listeners glad for songs like "Beer On A Boat," which leave you smiling.

Ashton's music is all about fun. This album is 10 songs of good country. It is definitely worth a listen or two.

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