Saturday, October 8, 2011

Restaurant Review: Little Bamboo

It has been years since I've eaten at Little Bamboo in Belle Vernon, PA. The reasons have never been about the quality of the food served there. Every town in the mon valley has a Chinese restaurant and driving there for lunch on Saturday just doesn't usually work for me. Plus most of the smaller, less fancy places offer dinner specials, Little Bamboo does not.

Little Bamboo is an Asian restaurant specializing in Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Sushi lovers will be happy, because they won't have to travel out of the Valley to get their not-cooked fish fix.

There's a lot to be said about Little Bamboo.

1. The service is always good, even when the place is busy.

2. Of all the restaurants that are sit down/not buffet style, Little Bamboo has the best quality food. It is hands down one of the best Chinese restaurants in the Valley.

3. The steamed dumplings are a must order no matter when you eat there. OMG they are so good!!

4. The chef really knows how to chop veggies. You will never find huge pieces of peppers etc at Bamboo. The veggies are always nicely chopped, except in dishes that demand bigger pieces, such as pepper steak.

5. When they say a dish is spicy, believe them. The Kung Pao chicken at Bamboo is one of the spiciests I've had in ages. This is another must order if you like some heat in your meal.

6. The tea is absolutely fab!

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