Sunday, October 9, 2011

Restaurant Review: Old Mexico Belle Vernon

Foodie Beware!

Old Mexico in Belle Vernon was definitely not ready to open for business. Their staff is incompetent; slow service and not enough staff for a Sunday afternoon.

Word to owners. Belle Vernon is actually a high traffic area on weekends. Expect business!

When I arrived to pick up my fajitas for two at 4:30, the place was about 80 % full, but you couldn't find a member of the wait staff anywhere.

While I was waiting I noticed the following:

1. One large table hadn't received silverware.
2. Several parties left because they weren't going to wait for inept staff.
3. One waitress was handling way too many duties and was frazzled beyond belief

I waited an additional 20 minutes for my fajitas and when I opened the boxes, there were no wraps! What's the point of fajitas when you have no tortillas to put the meat in. I also ordered a combo of steak and chicken and I only got steak.

It is a good thing that the steak was good.

The food was OK, but after having eaten at La Fiesta in Charleroi for many years, this was sub par.

Oh and the restaurant placed coupons in the clipper magazine that they wouldn't honor for takeout, even after I waited over 40 minutes for my food, and there was nothing on the coupon indicating that the coupons were for dine in only.

I've heard good things about the location in Washington PA, but this no location isn't ready for the business it can expect. There are no Mexican or Tex-Mex places in the Mon Valley. If they want to build a customer base, they better learn how to serve the customers there.

It will be a long time before I try Old Mexico again.

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