Thursday, October 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

It is really hard to fathom that one man has changed much of the way the world communicates and is entertained the way Apple founder Steve Jobs has.

Take a look at all the innovative (and expensive) technology that Apple has rolled out since the company started in the late 70s. iPhone iPad.

How many of us have one or more of these devices?

I know I have many pods, though I was slow to convert and I still hate iTunes, but you really can't say anything against the quality of something made by Apple. (You can gripe about the price though)

I find it really amazing that the world has really shown such emotion in regards to this man's passing. He wasn't really a celebrity...he was an innovator and a businessman.

One can only wonder, if Apple will come up with such awesome gadgets now that he's gone.

RIP Steve!

Bloo and Ms Blackie my two iPod shuffles weep for you.

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