Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Favorite Halloween Movies!

I have to say it, I'm not much of a scary movie kind of girl. Never have been, never will be. That said, there are some movies that are perfect for Halloween viewing even for a girl like me.

1. House Of Dark Shadows - This is the original Dark Shadows movie. Yes, I love Johnny Depp and his version is campy and fun to watch, but if you want a taste of what the show was really like this is the movie you have to see.

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2. Van Helsing - This movie is all about the Halloween eye candy. It stars Richard Roxburgh and Hugh Jackman! I mean, come on! It doesn't get much prettier than this! And the guys have their candy too with Kate Beckinsale!

I saw this movie 3 times in the theater!

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3. Nightmare Before Christmas - OK, not really a Halloween movie, but it does blend Christmas and Halloween nicely. Plus I love Jack Skellington and Sally!

Now sing a long with me: This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

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4. Coraline - This movie is deliciously fun and creepy and gorgeous all at the same time. It is another one of those movies I can watch again and again and not get tired of.

Odd that most of my favorite films are geared towards kids..

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5. Sweeney Todd - No joke, there is nothing scarier than this!

I watched this movie twice and I'm still traumatized by it!

Depp and the Lady Burton are brilliant in it though!

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