Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie Review: Dark Shadows

Blurb: From the wonderfully warped imagination of Tim Burton comes the story of Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp), a dashing aristocrat who is turned into a vampire by a jilted lover and entombed for two centuries. Emerging from his coffin into the world of 1972, he returns to his once-majestic home, only to the few dysfunctional descendants of the Collins family who remain. Determined to return his family name to its former glory, Barnabas is thwarted at every turn by his former lover - the seductive witch Angelique (Eva Green) - in this wildly imaginative"

Review: First things first, this film is really nothing like either version of the show or the films that were made back in 60s and 70s.

Its one of those films that's so gloriously bad that you like it.

Johnny Depp brings his fantastic campy self to the part of Barnabas.

Where the movie fails is in bringing something of the old story to the audience.

This is truly a re-imagining, as Tim Burton, likes to say.

The characters are all there, Josette/Victoria Winters,  Elizabeth, David Collins, and most importantly Angelique.

The best scene by far in the film, is the hot vampire/witch sex scene with Johnny and Eva, where they totally destroy a room while they get it on most violently.

Lots of laughs are had there.

Actually if you try to forget that the other series and films existed, this is a campy, fun vampire flick, where best of all, the vampire did not, not even for one moment sparkle!

However, too many people know this series. It has a huge cult following, and Burton really didn't do it justice the way he does other films. It was like he was trying to fit too much stuff into the hour and a half time allotment.

There was more Barnabas/Angelique than Barnabas/Victoria, and yet we are supposed to believe they shared a love for each other.

It didn't work.

That doesn't take away from the fact that it is a funny movie and Johnny Depp is the kind of vampire we all want hanging around to bite our necks.

This isn't a great piece of filmography, but it is fun and Danny Elfman's score is pretty awesome!

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