Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why I Love The Neighbors

If you haven't tuned in to The Neighbors yet, what the heck is wrong with you?

I know this show is destined for failure, for several reasons.

1. I laugh through all 30 minutes of it.

2. It has a sci fi twist and for some reason that doesn't work on network tv anymore.

3. The characters are absolutely a hoot!

This show is more slapstick then Third Rock From The Sun was, but you might draw comparisons, because they are both comedies with the main characters being aliens. Though I have to say, I think the aliens in this show are much funnier.

I have already stated that if they can this show, the Simon Templeton should be cast as the next Doctor. I kept watching him thinking...yes he would make a great Time Lord.

One of the things that makes this show so awesome are the cute kids that aren't obnoxious.

This is one of those cute kids

Ian Patrick plays Dick Butkus. He's absolutely adorable, and he's the youngest of the alien kids, I think. The most fun part of the show is watching how the aliens try to adapt to life on Earth.

This show is hysterical. Even if you don't have a love of Sci-Fi you should give it a try.


Janelle said...

My mom likes it. In fact, there was a scene where the wife is screaming for the aliens to take her husband, and I sat & watched my mother watch it & laugh hysterically--multiple times.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I love when the networks hit on something different that works! I'm glad someone else likes it like I do. Its one of about 3 US shows I enjoy.

crc said...

I adore this show! As do my kids. Dick Buttkiss is our favorite, the Thanksgiving one where he slaps thar guy makes me laugh hysterical everytime