Monday, December 30, 2013

Album Review: Charles Szczepanek - Winter Day Dreaming

Artist: Charles Szczepanek

Album: Winter Day Dreaming

Review by Andrea Guy

There has probably never been another CD so appropriately named as Charles Szczepanek's

Winter Day Dreaming. This collection of instrumental holiday tunes will put anyone in a festive mood.

Winter Day Dreaming consists of nine holiday favorites played by Charles Szczepanek and two

original compositions. This is the perfect addition to anyone's holiday music collection. Solo

piano brings a wintry element to the music. The tinkling of the keys seems to add a chill to the


Holiday music is something people love or hate. There's no way that you can hate the music

of Winter Day Dreaming. Though the songs are nearly all classics, their is nothing cheesy or

gimmicky about the arrangements that Charles has done. These are just songs that everyone

knows, stripped down to their barest, just a piano bringing their melodies to life.

Whether you are listening to "What Child Is This" or "O Holy Night" you'll feel like you are in

an intimate setting, perhaps in front of the tree, or the fire, with hot cocoa at hand. Whatever you

visualize, you'll probably feel the stillness and peacefulness of the music.

"O Holy Night" has a particularly quiet arrangement. This is a song that is usually comes with a

full orchestra, and yet, Charles brings it down a notch or two. It is so calm and so soothing. The

piano almost sounds like a music box playing.

"Silent Night" has a similar arrangement. It is hard to give words to the music that Charles has

created. It is easy to string adjectives along, such as beautiful, stunning, gentle and calming, but

those only touch the tip of what he's done here.

"Silent Night" is now a lullaby and that is perfect when you think of the lyrics that you aren't

hearing. (Even though they play through your head with each note.)

Charles does a marvelous job with "Carol Of The Bells." The keys ring out the tune, as lively as

any bells could do and without fanfare. This is probably the most energetic melody on the album,

especially as the melody reaches the crescendo.

"Snowfall" is one of Charles' original compositions. The arrangement, like those on the

traditional tunes, is one of lightness. This is music that is very visual. Without even knowing the

title of the song, you can easily picture a blanket of white covering a country landscape and feel a

bite of cold in the air.

"Winter Day Dreaming" has a lilting melody. It is easy to imagine this song in the background of

a holiday film, probably a romantic comedy. It would be playing as the guy finally gets the girl.

One of the most beautiful songs found in this collection is "Angels We Have Heard On High." As

Charles' fingers glide over the keys, it may be hard not to sing along with the melody, though the

piano keys do some lovely singing of their own. Charles has some drama and flair towards the

end allowing the song to pack a nice punch.

The album closes with "Auld Lang Syne" which is appropriate. Christmas is over and the New

Year is waiting. The solo piano seems to sound lonely sending off the old year.

In a world where big and flashy things are all the norm, Charles Szczerpanek delivers a holiday

album that is just the opposite. This album is beautiful in all its simplicity. One man, one piano

and eleven songs that will fill you with holiday spirit even in the middle of summer.

If you are looking for something that isn't all glitz and glamour for your holiday music collection,

Winter Day Dreaming is the CD you must have.

Rating: 5 (out of 5 stars)

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