Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I've Been Sherlocked: His Last Vow

His Last Vow is one of those episodes that just leave me speechless. It reminded me why I always say, Moffat is evil.

In fact this series proves how evil Moffat can be.

Sherlock is kissing girls all of a sudden...


I object to this...as I am not one of them.

However props to Molly for getting to slap him senseful a few times in this episode.

But lets just say...

Mary Watson...OMGWTFBBQ! This is a plot twist on the evil genius that is Moffat, could come up with. I loved it and I hated it all at the same time.

Oh and I wanted to know all her dirty secrets, so Moff...I flip you the bird for keeping them secrets. This is not THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR!

Mycroft Holmes is a huge Asshat...that is all.

The ending...

Uh...I just don't know what to say about it. Sherlock is a sociopath, and one that will do whatever it takes to protect those he loves, but still...I wish Moff would've come up with something better.

But on a happy note...Yes, I've Missed You!

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Tor Hershman said...

You likey a kiss...post a pic (swim-suit preferred) and perhaps moi can oblige.