Monday, February 3, 2014

Take Me Downton Episodes 5 & 6 In Review

This season of Downton Abbey really is lackluster. Even with all the drama of Series 3, there were high points, with weddings and pregnancies etc.

This series is all about the gloom and doom. The only bit of excitement comes from Rose, who is a bit of a tart. (OK, no, she's slutty, but you have to love her) Rose's party girl behavior is about the only thing that makes this show tolerable right now.

First there was the whole Anna rape thing. As much as I love Julian's writing, this story arc was not done well.

Episode 5 is all about Bates finding out what happened to Anna and Alfred getting reading for his test at the Ritz to see if he can make it into their training program.

Episode 6 is more lively with Lord Grantham's birthday party. The ragtime was fabulous and Gary Carr's singing really made the show.

I do like that the little one's are appearing a bit more. Young Sybil is adorable and Tom is proving to be a loving father, which is more than we can say for Lady Mary. I have to say, her character becomes more unlikable with each episode.

And then there's Lady Edith. Why can this poor girl not catch a break? Every man in her life disappears, in one way or another.

I really loved Michael, and I shake my fist at Julian Fellowes for what is likely going to become the outcome of this relationship.

One can hold out hope that series 5 may see him return.

The other awesome story arc is with the Dowager and Lady Crawley over the gardener that may or may not have been a thief. I love when these two characters butt heads. (I also love Maggie Smith and Penelope (the Prime Minister) Wilton.

We watch tv for entertainment and fun. Downton Abbey is neither anymore, yet like any good soap opera, I can't stop watching.

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