Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Take Me Downton: Downton Abbey Epi 7

Ah Downton Abbey, the most depressing show on television that you just can't stop watching.

This episode was terribly boring with too many stories taking up the hour.

Lady Edith is prepared to give up her baby and there still is no sign of Michael Gregson.

Really Mr. Fellowes, how much can one girl take?

Bates is prepared to avenge his wife, now that he knows who her attacker is.

~sigh~ more trouble there...

Then there's Rose. She's the exciting one right now, it is just a shame that you can't really like her all that much, because she's not genuine.

I really wish she loved Mr. Ross as much as he loved her.

Lady Mary is, as always surrounded by suitors, but she's still not over Matthew and may never be.

Ho hum.

I have to admit to being on Team Gillingham, because he really seems to care about her.

Then there's the whole Albert/Daisy/Ivy thing.

I could never understand this at all.

And while we're downstairs, Molesley seems to be striking up some sort of relationship with Baxter.

It is a shame that the only excitement of this series revolves around the terrible rape story arc.

While there have been many great guest stars this series, nothing has made it stand out.

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