Monday, February 10, 2014

Take Me Downton: Downton Abbey In Review

Watching Downton Abbey this season has truly been a depressing thing.

Rose is truly the only character that brings any amusement to the series, with her amorous antics and constant quest for fun.

This episode did bring some humanity to Lady Mary's character. It was great to see her acting more human and less of a robot, or rather a person with a very large stick up her bum.

Once again Penelope Wilton shows her great talent playing Isobel Crawley. I adore her and her determination to take care of people, especially the slightly curmudgeonly Violet.

Lady Edith is still going through some nasty trials, she's pregnant and contemplating an abortion. Yikes! Can this character have any happiness? Apparently not, if Julian Fellowes keeps on this way. It just doesn't seem fair when Lady Mary has....three or more men vying for her attentions less than a year after the death of her husband.

The Anna/Bates storyline is getting close to coming to a head. Mrs. Hughs did a splendid job giving a certain man whatfor. I would have liked to have taken a frying pan to that guy's head.

Lord Robert is off to the US to save Cora's brother's backside. Really wanted to sock him when he made a comment to take care of his dog...wait not sock Lord Robert but rather Hugh Bonneville, because he doesn't like the dog, which actually puts him on my list of actors I don't like.

Thomas is really coming out of his shell this season. I hope he sticks around the Abbey, his character really is breath of fresh air.

This was quite probably the best episode of this series.

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