Monday, February 24, 2014

Take Me Downton: Series 4 Finale In Review

If you were expecting something phenomenal in the finale of the current series of Downton Abbey, well you were probably disappointed.

However there were some things that were fantastic about it.

Let's list them now

Daisy attracting the attention of Howard Levinson's valet

Howard Levinson played by Paul Giamatti was really the best part of the show. I'd love to see him back along with his mother Martha Levinson (Shirley Maclaine). For a gentlemen who doesn't care for debutante's his little romance was lovely.

Rose! How one young lady can almost bring down the monarchy!

Mrs Hughes and Carson. So sweet!

Lady Edith getting some gumption!

Is there no end to the stuff that Bates can do?

Branson coming into his own. Love him!

Now for the cons..

Lady Mary is just too snotty. I would have liked a better relationship with her and Edith, most of the time I want to smack her. And she doesn't deserve any of the gentlemen at her beck and call.

Dear god the Anna/Rape thing that would not go away....and it didn't help the characters develop.

The Prince Of Wales...they found actors/actresses that looked enough like King George V and Queen Mary, why could they not find one for the Prince.

No real closure for Edith..I want to know what happened to Michael.

I liked that the episode ended on an uplifting note, but overall this season has been a downer.

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