Friday, September 10, 2010

Christmas Is In The Air!

The season finale of Eureka was tonight and it kind of left us a bit muddled. Things in modern day Eureka are and you'll understand. To give you a mild spoiler, the story arc of this season is not over and fans, like myself will be treated to a Christmas episode this year.

I love Christmas episodes.

Only a small detail has been leaked about Eureka's special:  Dr Noah Drummer is set to “wreak havoc with one of his experiments”, but as yet, no further details are forthcoming.

My source is Unreality Shout  which also shares some casting tidbits about the upcoming Christmas Doctor Who.  I'm really excited about that too. I wish more shows went all out for the holidays. Its a shame White Collar won't be back until January. Mmm imagine Matt Bomer's Neal Caffrey under the Christmas tree. Now that would be a real Christmas treat.

Suddenly I'm really excited about the holidays!!

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