Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comedies Rock My World

So far there have been two new shows that really get my seal of laughter approval, Monday night's Mike And Molly and Wednesday night's Better With You.

I have The Defenders on my list of shows to catch up on this weekend.

I'm also adding Shit My Dad Says to my must watch list of shows. Yes, its Bleep My Dad Says, but fuck it, what the hell is fucking wrong with the word shit! I'm so sick of  people deciding what words are bad! It makes me want to say fuck over and over.

Fuck Fuck Fuck!

I'm pretty impressed with the new shows I've seen, I'm not going to make any calls on what will stay or go, because usually if I like it, it tanks. Still I blow raspberries at all the people that were against Modern Family last season! Ha! That show is the greatest! But if I had to make the call, I'd say Better With You won't make it, Mike and Molly should have no problem, and Shit My Dad Said will hang in at least a full season because The Shat is awesomesauce and its worth watching for his terrible acting and comedy. Shat rules!

So what new shows do you love already?

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