Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music Has Let Me Down

This last year has been lousy for me musically. So many of the new albums that have come out, by artists I love just haven't lived up to expectations.

I keep thinking about Andy Bell's Non-Stop. I love Any and I love Erasure, but this new solo album of his really is terrible. I listened to it a few times and I can't bring myself to go out and buy it. It isn't worthy of my money.

Right now when money is tight, and believe me for me right now it is. I have a few medical bills, a car payment, taxes on my grandma's...erm my house and my regular bills to pay, so when I want to spend money on music, it better be good.

Of course, now as the year is wrapping up and I have even more bills, some of my other favorite artists have albums out. Keri Noble has two out today, I still have a few old albums I'd like to get by Over The Rhine and Gordon Lightfoot. Trustworthy artists that don't put out crap.

I feel bad lumping Andy Bell in with the crap, but unless he is recording with Vince, his solo material just falls flat. And then there's Duran Duran. Oye! I don't think I'll buy their next one until I've listened to it for at least a week. They've put out more crap than any one artist should be allowed. The only good thing about Duran Duran these days is that they still look pretty darn good.

Looking good, however, is not good enough for me, when it comes to buying music.

So to all of the recording artist out there, think about the crap you are recording and do better, especially if you want to make a buck!

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