Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Love Spring!

Spring is probably my favorite season. The start of warmer weather! Flowers in bloom. All the usual stuff. But what I love the most about spring? Fashion!

Spring means it is time to put the sweats away! The sweaters and bulky clothes can get put away for a few months!

Woo hoo for that.

I hate winter clothes.

I'm not much of a shorts and t-shirt girl, which is why I'm not too keen on summer fashion. I don't bare flesh if I don't have to, but oh how I love spring clothes! The colors are always bright and fun...and finally things are light!

This is an example of the stuff I obsess over when I want to buy new clothes. Oh NY & Co. I'm so glad there aren't many of your stores near me, or I would be in so much debt!

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