Sunday, March 20, 2011

What A Beautiful Man

I just watched the 25th anniversary cast of Les Miserables, and I have to say, I was totally taken aback by Alfie Boe's performance as Jean Valjean.

I've seen this show a few times and I've watched the 10th anniversary cast, which is fantastic, but I have to say,  Alfie steals the show.

Of course, considering some of the cast, it isn't hard, but no matter, his voice is beyond superb. When he sang Bring Him Home, I cried. 

It is a shame the rest of the cast didn't have his talent.

Nick Jonas as Marius? WTF!

But here's proof of his stunning voice

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Janelle said...

You know, I still haven't seen this musical. I only just watched the Liam Neeson one last week and I did really like it.