Friday, April 15, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmm and Woo hoo

~ Republicans passed a budget that will slash social safety net programs like food stamps and Medicaid and fundamentally restructure Medicare health care for the elderly. Way to go fucktards. I can't believe people voted for you.

~ Charlie Sheen is organizing a Bi-Polar Awareness Week. Maybe he should become aware of it..and get some help himself!

~ Miley Cyrus won't be touring the US because she doesn't feel the love here. Hmmm. Could it be because we know she hasn't got talent. But then again, people still watch that really can't be it...maybe we're just sick of her!

~ OMG OMG OMG there's going to be a Men In Black III. I have no idea why that fills me with such glee. Aw hell..the movies are such fun, and Will Smith is so damn cute! I can't wait.

~ Drew Carey has a new Improv-A-Ganza show on GSN! Yay! Not as good as Whose Line, but it still gets a squee from me

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