Monday, April 11, 2011

Who to Follow on Twitter: The Reckoning

I know tons of people who still can't get on board with the Twitter thing, especially my classmates. I understand this. In some ways, it's a great tool for writers and funny people. And there are plenty of funny people around. I've highlighted some before, but they just keep on popping up.

White Girl Problems: Oh, white girls. Our lives are just SO HARD.

PimpBillClinton: What if Bill Clinton was a total pimp? Oh, wait...

fsmikey: For the Pittsburghers - Mikey of Kiss FM's Morning Freak Show. He's up on all the latest pop culture nonsense, Pens news, and Fayette County nonsense. And he loves my Fayette County blog.

Texts from Last Night: What happens when you're bad drunk texts from last night meet the internet.

BreakingNews: It's not all funny all the time. Links to articles, quick information, etc. This was great for following the news in Egypt as it happened for quick, real-time updates.

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