Sunday, April 24, 2011

You May Not Kiss The Bride

With stuff about the Royal Wedding plastered just about everywhere you go, more and more things about the Royal Brits make me go WTF!

If you read this article you will see that there won't be a kiss at the end of the ceremony.

It's just not done in the Church Of England.



That's all too Hollywood?


Seems to me they don't kiss because that would make them appear human. After all kissing at the end of the wedding isn't something new, or something that Hollywood made up.

Funny thing is I found this info on several websites

And then there is the kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony. In ancient times, the kiss was legally binding and signified mutual acceptance of the contract of marriage. It is said that the bride and the groom "exchanged a bit of their souls" with the breath of a kiss!
So my advice to England's royalty.

Get over yourselves!

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