Saturday, June 25, 2011

Any Idiot Can Write A Book

Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far
There are some things that really make me go Hmmm.

As if Sarah Palin's Going Rogue weren't bad enough, daughter Bristol has a memoir out.

This is just insane.

Her journey so far?

Pardon me while I throw up!

Miles To GoThat's almost as bad as Miley Cyrus writing a book.

I realize publishers want to make scads of money off talentless people.

At least Miley has had some legitimate fame.

But Bristol Palin.

All she's done is get knocked up and go on Dancing With The Stars. I'm sorry that doesn't warrant a book in my eyes.

There are millions of teenaged girls making their way in the world with babies. Most of them have slightly more sane parents too.  Maybe one of them should write a book. Anything would be better than giving the Palin family more time in the spotlight!

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