Saturday, June 11, 2011

Food For Thought

People are up in arms about Ronald McDonald promoting junk food and cartoon characters being used to promote sugary breakfast cereals, but what about those new Dairy Queen commercials? You know the ones that say that they blow bubbles with kittens in them?

Hey! That promotes kitten loving children to want high fat milk shakes and burgers and dogs.

Why is it that one is ok and not the other?

How is it that I've lived 36 years without being hyperactive as a result of eating Super Sugar Crisp. Yeah that's what it was called in the 80s.

There was no food entering our house that my mother didn't buy. And even if I cried and whined for it, I didn't necessarily get it. So for the love of god, stop targeting these things as if they were the culprits of why Americans are fat. That isn't the case.

Ronald McDonald didn't drag me in to eat a Big Mac.

I wonder when they'll realize that the internet has kept millions of Americans on their asses for years and years...


Maybe I should keep that tidbit to myself.


Janelle said...

There is no personal accountability anymore. One of my best high school teachers always said, "You are responsible for you," and that applies to life. Parents decide what their kids eat--but only up to a point. Because then we get into the territory of obese children as child abuse, which is what Dr. Oz was claiming one day. I could understand if it was extremely overweight toddlers, but the kids were middle- and high- schoolers capable of deciding what to eat themselves. The government--and other people--just want to put the blame where it doesn't belong.

The Mistress of the Dark said...