Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Political Craziness

OK, I'm in full belief that every inch of our government is full of idjits.

~ Anthony Weiner texting pictures of his...well...his name says it all. I have only one thing to say to this. How did he think that doing something stupid like that wouldn't blow up in his face? Oh and why do people act like he's crazy good looking? And geeze Louise, he's only been married for a year!! Settle down Tony!

~ Sarah Palin doesn't know her history. Whodathunkit? Really? I say it is futher proof of her stupidity. And yet there are still people blindly following her.

What is wrong with PEOPLE!!!!

~ John Edwards is indicted for misuse of campaign funds. I bet Elizabeth is looking down from the next world and grinning at the lousy cheating fool.

 Which leads me to wonder, why do people like John and Arnold...forget about condoms when they are cheating on their wives?

So much stupidity in one government.

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Janelle said...

I think part of the cheating politicians is they have power and think that means everyone wants them. And sometimes girls really are totally into them for that reason. But that doesn't excuse the stupidity. Weiner will be lucky if his wife sticks around. I wouldn't.

As for Palin, her followers are actually editing Wikipedia pages to match her psychobabble.