Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cadbury Racist?

I'm trying to figure out why Naomi Campbell is so insulted by a Cadbury ad, except that the ad is calling her names.

But isn't calling her any bad names.....or names you'd really get upset about.

Nope, it is comparing her to a chocolate bar...

I was actually surprised by the comments on the OMG site  that agreed with me. I don't think it is racist. It is calling Naomi a diva. And how many times has Naomi acted like a diva? 

Maybe that's the real reason she's offended by the ad. Not because it is comparing her to a chocolate bar, but because it is calling her out for her lousy behavior in a nice way.

So what do you think about the ad? Is it really racist?


Janelle said...

I think it could be construed that way, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't their point.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

It just seems so harmless compared to some things that are said. To be feels more like they are calling her a bitch....over anything least that's how I take it.

Janelle said...

I agree, I just see how it could be stretched. Now if it was some mild, peaceful celebrity, there'd be more of a case for racism.