Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Disease Of The Month: Sex Addiction

Thanks to that Weiner, sex addiction is really becoming the disease of choice. I actually think it was David Ducovny that made the who addict thing popular, now it has moved on to really creepy looking politicians. Because you know, we have to have some "disease" to explain away the fact that Mr. Weiner is in fact a pig.

Sir, there is no cure for stupid, especially at your age.

It was kind of like the Congreewoman that said she couldn't believe their were flawed individuals in congress.



I'd say 90% of congress fall under the flawed individual category.

The other thing that always makes me go hmmm about politicians and their misbehavin' ways...most of the wives stand by these guys.

It boggles the mind.

I will miss all the Weiner jokes now that this scandal is about to fizzle out.

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Janelle said...

Yesterday when he resigned, I said, "Weiner pulled out."

I don't know if it started with Duchovny. I don't think he's that epically relevant anymore, but maybe I'm wrong. I know that to me he is a god among mortals, but I've finally accepted that just because I adore someone and think The X-Files is the greatest show ever doesn't mean everyone else does. I think Tiger Woods was the biggest one.

While sex addiction is entirely real, I do have to wonder how many of these guys actually suffer from it. There's a difference between having an actual problem and being a douchebag who thinks you're hot shit and everyone wants you. I've had terrible experiences of my own with the latter.