Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Smartphone Or Not Smartphone

LG Vortex Android Phone, Grey (Verizon Wireless)
My 2 year "New Every Two" has come up and I find myself wondering, should I upgrade my phone?

I have an LG EnV, which I like for the most part, but would be easily swayed away from, because the screen has scratched worse than any phone I've ever owned so far.

Everyone in my family has smartphones now, but I keep thinking...Do I really need or want one?

OK, I want one, but affording one is another story.

Most of the highly rated smartphones require a data package that costs $15.00.  I'm not sure what plan I'd have to move to if I upgraded my phone.

Right now the LG Vortex is a free upgrade and so is the Motorola Citrus.

As much as I'd love an Iphone or one of the fancy Droids, they aren't in my budget.

So tell me about your smartphones. Are they really worth it?

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