Monday, January 31, 2011

TV Movie Review: The Lost Valentine

Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt lit up the small screen last night in the made for tv movie, The Lost Valentine, based on the novel by James Michael Pratt.

The story recounts the love story of Caroline Thomas whose husband of only a year was MIA in the Pacific. Every year, she returns to Union Station in hopes that her husband Neil will return.

It is through the intervention of Susan Allison, played by Love Hewitt, that Caroline receives closure. 60 years is a long time to wait for information about someone you love.

This movie was done beautifully and like so many Hallmark movies, it won't leave you with dry eyes.  Caroline's story is so heartbreaking, it would be impossible not to cry, especially as the Western Union man arrives at her porch.

Their love story is told through flashbacks., but that isn't the only love story going on here. Susan is falling for Caroline's grandson.

The movie could have been sickeningly sweet, but it wasn't. White, who usually plays comic roles, plays Caroline so well, that she deserves and Emmy for this. Love Hewitt was likable, though at times, she was a bit annoying, but that comes from trying to condense multiple relationships into 2 hours, while trying to keep the focus on Thomas.

Hallmark really did well with this one. It isn't the stellar film that Sarah Plain and Tall was, but it will likely go down as a fan favorite. Now I have to find the book.

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