Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weird News

I go away a few days from the blog and all kinds of things are happening.

~ Jim Parsons wins the globe for actor in a comedy. No upset there really. He won the Emmy a few months back.

~ Speaking of the Globes...why is this award show necessary? We have the Emmy Awards. We have the Oscars. What's the point of this crazy ass combination of the two?

~ Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcome another child via surrogate. Congrats to them. What I don't understand are the haters out there. C'mon people. Nic and Keith are good people and not crazy like her ex.

~ The series finale of Hannah Montana got a record number of viewers: 6.2 million! Bye Hannah! Don't come back now! Ya'hear!

~ Melissa Etheridge is going to take a walk on the Great White Way in American Idiot. Further proof that Broadway is losing credibility and inspiration. No offense to Ms Etheridge.

~ Vince Neil is going to jail for 2 weeks and then will be under house arrest for DUI for another 2. WTF! DUI and he gets 2 weeks...the rest of the world would serve a real sentence! How is this justice?

~ Regis is retiring....OMG the 9 a.m hour will never be the same. 

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Janelle said...

I need to start watching Big Bang Theory because the clips I've seen of it are beautiful & I know I'd love it, but the point is the moment where he was announced the winner was adorable.

The big debate right now is how seriously the Globes can and should be taken. From what I hear, The Tourist didn't deserve a single nomination, and to me the fact that it got more than one looks more like Depp and Jolie bandwagon ass-kissing than anything else. Plus everyone's all upset over Ricky Gervais. Whatever.