Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get The Gaga Out Of My Facebook

Born This WayI'm so over Lady Gaga. When she has to infiltrate my facebook games to sell her album, I get pretty pissed. Right now she's taken over my Zynga Games. You know, Farmville, Cafe World etc?


I've had the misfortune of listening to two of the new songs from Born This Way, and I really have to say, I'm unimpressed.

Both Electric Chapel and Marry The Night leave a lot to be desired.

It goes so show that most people really don't care about the music, because her music is pretty boring. They compare her to Madonna, but at least Madonna's music in the 80s was worth listening to.

All I can say is this: Please make the scary lady go away!!

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Janelle said...

My prediction: people are going to get sick of her one way or another. At this rate, the entire album will be online in some form. Which means the songs will be available for illegal download or could easily be ripped.

It's already clear that at least in the media and general public, what she wears gets more attention. It's always, "What's Gaga going to wear?" not "What's she going to sing?"