Monday, May 30, 2011

Foodie Review: Wendy's Berry Almond Chicken Salad

Wendy's finally has a salad on the menu that actually is healthy and quite tasty. The Berry Almond Chicken Salad is everything that it says it is...Strawberries and blueberries on a bed of greens with a packet of sliced almonds and raspberry vinegrette dressing. Oh and did I mention shaved asiago cheese? Not nearly enough for this wench's taste, but oh it is so good.

Allow me to go through the pros and cons of this tasty offering.

It is available 3 ways.

  • Half salad, full and with a pair 2.
  • It is one of the tastiest healthy offerings on any fast food menu.
  • It is available without chicken...but unless you are a vegetarian, why would you want it that way?

Now for the cons.

  • The price tag. It is the highest priced salad at the chain. Priced at $6.49 for the full salad. I can go to a sit down restaraunt and get a salad with more bang for my buck.
  • It still has 450 calories and 16 grams of fat...though I'm sure that's mostly the almonds.  
This isn't a menu option for anyone on a budget. And well...the McDonald's Asian salad is much better for you and just as tasty. Still...for a treat during the summer months this is a good salad to grab..especially with the Wild Berry Iced Tea.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Donate to a Good Cause

I know, I know, people are always asking for money. I have a pile of mail from organizations asking for donations that I can't afford to honor right now, and I'm going to do so when I can because 1) I feel bad 2) they send me really nice address labels 3) I'm a sucker.

It helps when the cause is well-known, or when you can put a face to the organization. If you've read Mark Reads, for example, you might want to sponsor Mark in Los Angeles' annual AIDS/LifeCycle ride.

Mark's goal is to raise $10,000. Help make his dream a reality and help people with AIDS.

Progress is being made--a man from the Bay Area seems to have been cured of the disease. Everyone give three cheers for science!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gaga Refutes Critcism That She Wants Attention

Too bad she doesn't do it well.

Rolling Stone has a preview of yet another Gaga cover story in which she says the claims that she wants attention annoy her and that she already has attention. Obviously true, but that still doesn't mean she doesn't want more or wasn't out for it before she had it.

"Is it that you believe that I am attention-seeking or shock for shock's sake, or is it just that it's been a long time since someone has embraced the art form the way that I have?" she says.

Yes to the former, Mother Monster. If that wasn't the case, you wouldn't change outfits numerous times to award shows. You wouldn't show up in an egg to others. You wouldn't have done that really awkward childbirth bit in your Saturday Night Live performance. Your antics have done nothing to suggest that music and art are the goal.

Wrong on the latter, though. Plenty of other musicians before you and even now have done similar things, and the problem is your critics see that and see through you.

She goes on to say that maybe it's because artists aren't as vocal on social issues. Wrong again. These days activism seems more predominant outside of the mainstream, but it's still done, it's done well, and its acknowledged and praised.

The problem is, Gaga, that you think you're original when plenty of people know you're not. You've brought nothing new to the genre. Your lyrics have become sub-par. People talk more about your clothes than your music. You've made an obvious effort to stay relevant and in the spotlight by releasing new music quickly--and it's suffered--and touring constantly with an overpriced spectacle that focuses more on theatrics than on talent, which you have but overshadow.

We don't "expect little," as you say. Some of us just know better.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Speaking Of Pittsburgh Bands

Oddly most of my favorite Pittsburgh bands are country, except for one, Donora.

I'm excited to say that they have a new video out and it is super cute. Looks like there's going to be a new album out in the coming months as well.

But check out The Chorus now. Oh and raise your hand if you remembered playing with the parachute in gym class!!

Don't Like It? Pretend It Doesn't Exist!

Tennessee Senate has passed a bill that will ban teachers from kindergarten through eighth grade from discussing homosexuality.

Everyone congratulate Tennessee for being so accepting!

I get the fact that some people don't like homosexuality--I don't agree with their views and think they're not even trying to understand how complex sexuality really is, but I realize that people think this way and they always will. I get that for some reason people think they need to protect their children, but I don't get from what. What I also don't get--and never will--is why this is a government issue.

Admittedly, homosexuality was never addressed when I was in school, but I also went to Catholic school. However, I did learn in elementary school that the word "gay" meant something other than "happy" but never knew exactly what for a long time, and my wonderful curiosity has made that memory stick with me. But to completely go out of your way legally to make it completely off limits? It's extreme and discriminatory and a step backwards. We can teach kids about drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes but not love regardless of gender? My elementary school could bring in a man without a voice box when I was in kindergarten (which scared the shit out of me and made me go home and insist that my dad quit occasionally smoking cigars because he would die) but can't explain to curious children what "gay" is? Great job, America.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

~ Hines Ward winning DWTS. This was the only season I truly watched, voted and cared about. All because of Hines Ward.

~ Getting free books in the mail. I'm all about free!

~ Owl City! I don't know how I missed this band. I've seen there albums around but never bothered to listen. I love them now!!

~ 3 day weekends!! Nuff said there, right?

~ Donald Trump not running for president. I was really scared that he would be crazy enough to get elected!!

~ $20.00 Gift Cards from Amazon

So what makes you happy?

Monday, May 23, 2011

$130,000 For THE HAT

The hat from hell, has officially been auctioned off!

I wonder if Aretha thought of auctioning her inaugural hat off, that one was kewl, this one is just CRAZY!

However, it has generated more buzz than anything those two newly married royals have done.

Though one does have to wonder what exactly the winner of the auction is going to do with this hat?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Pittsburgh's Latest

Well, sort of.

Blue of Colors is the solo project of Punchline lead singer Steve Soboslai. Despite Steve's unique voice, the song is definitely a departure from Punchline's pop-punk--it's nice, mellow music for all you fans of folk- and indie-type stuff.

"Goodbye Stranger" is the first song Steve's put online. Enjoy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Talk About TV

As this season of telly draws to a close I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned with the boob tube.

There's entirely too many reality based shows everywhere and the dramas and comedies are all the same or at least they feel like they are all the same.

I have a few staples in my viewing...Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly and The Middle for comedies. NCIS, Castle (here and there) and Bones for my dramas. Oh and let's not forget Doctor Who. I must have some Who.

I just wish there was something more entertaining out there.

My mother commented during The Middle last night that there was more commercial time than actual show time! WTF is up with that.

In the UK, most shows that run a half hour are pretty close to that. In the US they are only about 20 minutes long, and actors are pulling in huge amounts of money!

Doctor Who is about 48 to 50 minutes except when it is on BBC America where they shave off about 8 minutes of the show somewhere.

How is this right?

Do commercials really affect our buying that much?


And while I'm bitching...USA Network, since Monk left your ranks...all of your shows...with the exception of White Collar have gotten really really boring!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mumford & Sons

I've praised them before, but it needs to be done again. Especially since I finally got around to buying their album, Sigh No More, on a whim. All I'd heard was "Little Lion Man," but sometimes a single song is so good that you think going in blind on a CD just might be worth it. That's a chance you have to take. Sometimes it ends well. Sometimes it doesn't.

If you're like me and have only heard "Little Lion Man" and liked it but weren't sure if that's enough to justify laying down the cash on an album--because let's be real, they're overpriced and often singles are emphasized over a whole solid album--trust me when I say the money is worth it. "Little Lion Man" is a good representation of what to expect, but not of just how beautiful, impressive, and intense this band gets. Finding an album these days that's exhilarating from start to finish is rare, but this is one of those diamonds in the rough. Nothing will make you more sure of that than quiet country drives alone with said album.

Mumford & Sons does not disappoint in any way. They're catchy, pretty, fun, somber, emotional, relatable, uplifting...everything you want from an album these days but can rarely get.

Get The Gaga Out Of My Facebook

Born This WayI'm so over Lady Gaga. When she has to infiltrate my facebook games to sell her album, I get pretty pissed. Right now she's taken over my Zynga Games. You know, Farmville, Cafe World etc?


I've had the misfortune of listening to two of the new songs from Born This Way, and I really have to say, I'm unimpressed.

Both Electric Chapel and Marry The Night leave a lot to be desired.

It goes so show that most people really don't care about the music, because her music is pretty boring. They compare her to Madonna, but at least Madonna's music in the 80s was worth listening to.

All I can say is this: Please make the scary lady go away!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gaga Shenanigans as Usual

The pop powerhouse (and peeve) that is Lady Gaga has once again released a song from her upcoming Born This Way. So now we have "Born This Way," "Judas," "Edge of Glory," and "Hair." Aside from their album and artist, what do they all prove? That Gaga's originality--as has been pointed out time and time again, especially by us Wenches--is more like a facade.

Since the world was most recently given "Hair," let's talk about that.

First of all, if you didn't see the song title and think, "Oh sweet baby Jesus, please tell me that's not a cover from the beautiful musical of love and LSD!" then we have little in common and can't be friends. But if that is what you thought, you and I can revel in the relief that it is, in fact, an original Gaga a manner of speaking. Which brings us to Point #2.

Like its hippie predecesor, Gaga's "Hair" is an anthem all about, you guessed it, hair. Some subjects will be covered by songwriters time and time again (love and heartache, for example) and hairy issues are no exception (AFI's "I Wanna Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)" anyone?) but to have a song with the exact same title and unique subject matter as a song from decades earlier currently being revived?

Then there are the lyrics, which are terrible, just like all the other Born This Way songs that have come before it. Except maybe "Edge of Glory." "Born This Way" was full of cliches, "Judas" was only redeemed by its chorus, and now "Hair" reads like it was ripped out of a middle school girl's diary in the middle of a fight with Mom and Dad whilst trying to assert her individuality. "Whenever I dress cool / My parents put up a fight"? "Whether my hair is pink / My soul is pink"? Everything about this album feels super rushed and over-hyped.

Someone needs to tell Lady Gaga that being able to crank out lyrics to a song in ten minutes isn't necessarily a good, impressive thing. Few songwriters have been able to brag about that fact, and any writer will tell you that something they wrote in ten minutes probably falls under the category of their worst work, not their best.

Try harder, Lady.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gossipy Bits

~ The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are wasting another million to go on their honeymoon to a private island for 10 days. Must be nice to take vacations at the expense of the British public. Now I'm no hater of the monarchy. I find them really amusing. But when the country is likely footing the bill, maybe a little jaunt somewhere a little less pricey. Especially after a wedding that cost $60 million! Yikes!

~ Speaking of those royals Princess Beatrice is going to auction off "THE HAT". You know that pink spider-like thing she had on her noggin for the royal wedding? Proceeds from the auction will go to Unicef! Woo hoo! More fame for the hat!!

~ Mary Tyler Moore is having brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. Let's hope all goes well for the funny lady.

~ Hugh Grant was considered to replace Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half Men. WTF! However if he had been cast the shows entertainment value would have gone up significantly.

So what gossipy bits have amused you?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dullsville Trolley

What is it with celebrities right now...It seems that now that the royal wedding is over there is nothing to talk about. Unless you want to talk about Paul and Nancy walking down the aisle, and thank you very much, but I don't.

So what is there to talk about?

We could talk about Pippa Middleton, but really? I've had it with most of the royals...

Unless you want to talk about Prince Harry. I'm always up for talking about sexy redheads!


Of course, Prince Harry is not my absolute favorite redhead. See he's about 10 years younger than me, so thinking he is totally hot and doable kind of makes me feel like one of two things:

1. A Cougar...and sadly I look nothing like Courtney Cox. (damn it)

2. A dirty old lady.


But seriously, how can you resist that ornery look in his eye...and it seems when he's not shacking up with that horsefaced Chelsy Davy, who makes Camilla Parker Bowles look like a supermodel....he does seem to go for older women!

Hey Prince Harry! Can I get in line?

But let's talk about my other favorite redhead! Danny Elfman!!

I think he's totally mellowed now that he's remarried, but Danny is still one of my favorite redheads...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Own a Piece of Pop Culture Beauty

Have you ever watched the 90s classic Home Alone and thought, "Damn, that's a gorgeous house. I'd love to live there." I haven't, because I was too young to care when the movie came out and now I'm too focus on the nostalgia. But if you have, the house is now for sale.

It'll cost you, though--it's going for $2.4 million. I admit, not as much as I thought it would be on the market for, but still a good bit of money. But it is a nice, big, iconic house, and it's the first time it's been put up for sale since the movie filmed.

This house isn't the only iconic movie home to hit the market recently. Cameron's house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off was also recently put up for sale, and it's cheaper: $1.65 million.

I'd rather have Cameron's house because: 1) Cameron is my favorite Ferris Bueller character, 2) Cameron is one of my favorite film characters ever, 3) that house is badass, 4) it's in the woods and that rules. And it's very modern. Unlike the Home Alone house, though, this one did hit the market before in 2009 for $2.3 million.

Things That Annoy Part XII

Actually I have no idea what installment this is, so just giggle with me.

1. Bill O'Reilly dissing the Royal Family. This man doesn't have two brain cells to rub together and his bitching and moaning about people in other countries. Get over yourself, and no one wants to hear you. Go away!

2. Osama Bin Laden: Ok...he's dead. Frankly I'm a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing. I don't feel super patriotic or any safer now that he's been taken out. Oh and I am sick to death of hearing about people wanting to see pictures. To them I say: NO THANKS!

3. TV: I'm over just about every show that I usally watch with the exception of Doctor Who. Please writers, do something amusing. Thank god for books!

4. The Disney Channel: 2 things for this channel of evil.

 a: The girls you hire can't sing. I love the girl that plays Teddy on Good Luck Charlie but she can't carry a tune!

b. Why are all the good shows ending this year!! How will I exist without The Suite Life?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It Was Only a Matter of Time...

...before Twitter users jumped on the chance to make fake Osama accounts and bring off-color hilarity to the world. I give you GhostOsama.

Remember, no person - dead, alive, or fictional - is immune from a fake Twitter. We also have such gems as ShitMyDarthSays, PimpBillClinton, and for the Pens fans, FakeRayShero.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Royal Wedding Blatherings

There's a lot I don't understand about Royality. I truly understand the pagentry that goes with the marriages of the heir to the throne. Plus really, who wouldn't want that kind of wedding for themself if they had the money to put on such a fete? I know I would

William will be King of England one day, God willing.  Though at this point he will probably be well into his old age when that happens because Granny the Queen is still doing well...and Charles certainly doesn't seem like he'd be willing to abdicate in favor of this son.

But all the rest...a Honeymoon?

Granted they really aren't taking one now..but still.

Uh...they've been living together for much of the last 5 years or so.

They've vacationed together from the beginning.


Oye! and vey!

But hey..they are pretty to look at....and we all want to see what they are doing because it makes us...even American's feel like there is something magical in the world...and you just can't get that kind of magic with a democracy.