Sunday, September 14, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: Listen

I'm not sure what to make of Listen, because there was so much to think about in this one.

1. Is there really a monster?

2. The whole Clara/Danny/Rupert/Orson thing..

3. Holy Time Lords Of Gallifrey!

I was really confused through most of this episode. I loved the dark quality of this season and I love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, but truth be told, there aren't many actors that have played this role that I didn't like.

I liked Clara very much throughout these last episodes, until the last 10 minutes of this one. There were parts of me that understood why she did what she did, but other parts that instantly hated her. As a companion, I've had such mixed feelings about Clara. I liked that she is getting more of a personality in this season, and her Impossible Girl status is beginning to disappear.

4. Hugging...this part of the epi almost redeemed the hatred I was feeling for Clara at the time.

5. Danny Pink. I don't know why, but I really love him and I love the relationship that's developing with Clara.

6. I the whole soldier thing that is becoming part of this season's crazy story arc. Thanks when you give us a double arc.

I think this is an episode that you have to rewatch a few times, not because it is your favorite, like Robot Of Sherwood (shut up, I loved the silliness and could watch this one over and over) but because there's so much you miss if you are distracted.

This is definitely a strong episode and one that reaffirms how great Peter Capaldi is as The Doctor.

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