Friday, September 26, 2014

Doctor Who In Review: Time Heist

Time Heist, to me felt like Doctor Who had gone all Leverage. I really enjoyed this episode as a result.

It was fast paced, it had some funny moments, (Lordy the shuttity up scene was fantastic) and it was a pretty good mystery/adventure.

Capaldi is really coming into his own, as the Doctor. You see that more and more each week. The only problem is, with the new personality they've given Clara, the companion and The Doctor just don't seem to fit.

There is one thing that constantly bugs me about Clara. What happened to her nanny job? It seems that we went from one job to another pretty quickly after Eleven's regeneration. I realize a lot of time had passed during the Christmas episode, but it all seems so convoluted at times.

Keeley Hawes was terribly underutilized.. I was expecting her character to be so much more than she actually was. Ms. Delphox was just ho hum. Oh and I hate that our story arc has vanished again. No more clues about The Promised Land or the mysterious Missy.

As for The Teller....there was a market lack of originality there. This was something done last season. Maybe it is time for a few new writers.

So while the episode was good, it wasn't brilliant.

But it did give us, this..

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