Thursday, September 11, 2014

Food Network Annoys Me

I used to love Food Network. There were so many great cooking shows that made food that I would love to eat.

Then reality creeped in, along with some really obnoxious and pretentious cooks, Ree Drummond, I'm looking at you.

I loved shows like Unwrapped. Those were fun and we learned something about some of our favorite eats. Oh and Good Eats. Alton Brown was the Bill Nye of cooking. I'd never cook things his way, but I felt like I learned something after watching.

Heck, I even tolerated Rachael Ray and her freaking EVOO.

And can I just say, I miss Paula Deen. I loved her and her food, however fattening.

Good food has never been healthy, I tell you.

Ever since her scandal, Food Network has been trying to replace her, and they are failing miserably. Paula never came across as show offy. The Pioneer Woman sure does, and she laughs at her own jokes which is doubly annoying.

Oh and Food Network? Unless the family is cooking with the host...I don't want to know about their family or what they are doing. That goes for Ree, Giada, Bobby and anyone else.

And these stupid challenges.

I'm sick of CHOPPED....Cupcake Wars....etc.

I want to find new recipes, not watch people try to win a fast buck.

And while I'm ranting, please put Guy Fierie out to pasture. He is obnoxious and so are all of his shows.

The only show I kind of like on the channel these days is The Kitchen, which is a dumbed down version of The Chew, but with less obnoxious hosts. I love Katie Joel, Jeff Mauro and Sunny Anderson.

Anyone else want to rant with me?

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