Monday, December 20, 2010

2010's Most Overexposed Celebrites According To ME!

Who am I to judge?

I'm me, and these are the celebrities I'm totally sick of hearing about from 2010.

1. Sarah Palin: Politician, reality show star? WTF!!! Shouldn't this last thing totally keep her out of the running for President? Probably not, because we don't have any sense anymore, but lordy, I'm sick of seeing her mug everywhere I look. And she writes books?  Really? Are we sure? GAH!

2. Justin Bieber: I've heard he may be dating Selena Gomez from Wizards Of Waverly Place. Why? I guess he might be a step up from a JoBro though...then again...maybe not.

3. Miley Cyrus: Smiley Miley or Slutty Cyrus or whatever you want to call her is just getting to me. Smoking freaking herbs and season of Hannah Montana...slutty music videos..It's all too much if you ask me.

4. Taylor Swift: Now don't get me wrong, I love Taylor. She's sweet, cute and all those other things that give you warm fuzzy feelings, but she's everywhere!! And it's getting old, because even though she's good, she's not that good. And for a youngun, she's sure got a long line of ex's. I wonder how many there will be by the time she's 30!!!

5. Paula Abdul: How was it determined that she is a judge of talent? Who determined she had talent in the first place? Why did we have to give her a dancing show? Really! I know she's a choreographer and a good one...but she's a bit crazy...and isn't Dancing With The Stars one dancing show too many on the telly?

6. Oprah: Nice lady..yes... Her show is ending after a bazillion years...yes... But who cares...she's starting her own damn network! Isn't that more than enough? Oye and vey!

7. Conan O'Brien: The more I see this whiner..the more I hate him. Truly! I can't say anything nice about him anymore. I'm also sick of those American Express commercials he's done. See can fall into a pile of dung and come up smelling sweet...I think that's why I hate people like that.

8. Kate Gosselin: I wish this woman would just raise her damn hoard of children and get out of the limelight.

9. Robert Pattinson:  One day I'll figure out why people think he's hot. He does look better when he's not Edward..but not by much. Plus his acting isn't all that great.

10. Brangelina: I'm lumping this supercouple together because I'm sick of all the tabloid fodder, and her genuine icky-ness. Plus I just want to feed her a cheeseburger or twenty

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