Friday, December 3, 2010

One for the Pens Fans

Pens fans who pay attention to team happenings outside of the game (and no, I don't mean stalking them like creeps around the bars and clubs they're known to frequent) are aware of the work the guys do around the Pittsburgh area for the community both as a team and individually. Even their girlfriends and wives get involved. So it's not surprising that they've found one more way to give back, although a little more indirectly.

So, after a hat trick, have you ever wondered where all the hats thrown on the ice go?

As part of a Boy Scout project, a local high school student decided to collect hats for needy kids and got in touch with the Pens folks, so that it's been arranged to have aforementioned hats cleaned and donated all over the world, with some even making it down to Haiti just before the earthquake hit. Thousands of hats have been collected, including some by donation, but most of them thanks to our very own Pittsburgh Penguins and their ability to not just score goals, but to score three in one night.

Meaning this kid's going to have some hats coming his way after Crosby's hat trick just last night.

Check out the full article here.

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