Saturday, July 10, 2010

Movie Review: Despicable Me

If you are thinking that Despicable Me is just another 3-D animated film that you can live without seeing, think again.

This is one of the first animated film that really makes you feel good the whole way through. There's no guilty feelings attached, or at least not a whole mess of guilty feelings.

Sure Gru's mom doesn't quite show him the love he deserves. (That's the only bit of sad feelings you have in the movie) Gru incidentally is played by Steve Carell.

Gru is trying to be one of the greatest evil people on the planet, but things just don't seem to be going his way. There's a new evil dude in town, "Vector" who has managed to steal a pyramid and replace it with an inflatable replica!
This gets Gru going. He assembles his minions, which really are too cute to be minions, to help me steal the moon. However Vector's father is president of the Bank of Evil and cuts Gru off and he has to find funding for his evil-doings on his own.

And that's where the three orphans come in. These girls first come to Gru's door to sell cookies and he sees them selling cookies to Vector and the light bulb goes off. He adopts the girls, but doesn't expect to find himself coming to love them. Though a series of ups and downs Gru ends up not being such a despicable guy after all. But I won't tell you how that happens, that would spoil things for you. You just have to go to the movies and see this one. It is well worth the $8.00 to see.

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