Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rollbacks! My Ass!

It really is hard not to shop at Walmart. I hate the store with a passion, but I really couldn't live without it. They have great prices on frozen foods, books, music, dvds and other stuff I need to survive. Much better than Giant Eagle or any of the other supermarkets.

What I hate about the store, beside the obvious (long lines, scary employees etc) is there little Rollback tactic. The way the store tells it, you would think they were lowering their prices on these items permanently, but no! That's not the case. It really is a glorified sale. It lasts longer than the typical grocery store sale, but when it is over, up go the the prices.

I love when the Rollup prices but keep them lower than the regular price so that they can say that they have the lowest.

Case in point: Pepsi and Coke 24 packs. For the last 3 months you could buy these products for $5.00. They rolled back the prices and this was a great deal too. I went to Walmart yesterday and the sign about each said $5.98 was $6.98. Ok, so last week, they took the rollback away, apparently and lowered the price to the typical sale price for Pepsi and Coke cubes.


Do they think we're stupid? I was at the store a week and a half ago and the price was $5.00. Which is why they aren't using the Rollback logo on that one, but do they really think we're nuts and won't notice that extre 98 cents they tacked on all of a sudden?

They did something similar with Purina Indoor Catfood. It's usually $12.54 for the 16.5 lb bag (WTF happened to 20 lb bags btw). They lowered and raised and lowered and raised the prices. I won't buy my catfood there anymore. At least at Giant Eagle and Petsmart I know what I'm paying before I go into the store.

This rant brought to you by the letter "R" for Ripoffs

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