Saturday, July 17, 2010

Restaurant Review: Century Inn, Scenery Hill, PA

If you are driving down The National Highway in Southwestern, PA, there's a chance you'll drive through the picturesque town, Scenery Hill. This town if full of quaint little shops and one very special restaurant, Century Inn.

Century Inn has been around since 1794. Its a stunning old building and and even more stunning restaurant. It is one of the Pittsburgh area's finest. That means in some ways it is pricey, but if you come for lunch it isn't.

20100717_12The restaurant is like a trip back in time, with the decor of the days following the revolutionary war. My friend and I were seated in the back room with a stunning view of the gardens and just a hint of the glorious gazebo.

My meal consisted of a cup of vichyssoise (cold potato leek soup) which was delicious. I think I'm a fan of cold soups now.

For lunch I had a slice of ham and swiss quiche, which was truly delightful. The crust was tasty and flaky and made me dream of dessert. I'm not usually a 4 or 5 star restaurant girl so I was also totally amused at seeing my food plated.


It is definitely a place I'd recommend if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. It is reasonably priced for lunch but more pricey for dinners. However for a special occasion I'm sure it is worth every penny. For more pictures of the restaurant and the town click here

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