Sunday, July 11, 2010

Restaurant Review: Indigo Joe's Triadelphia, WV

Yesterday I made a second stop to Indigo Joe's in Triadelphia, WV. It is a small franchise restaurant, a little like Chili's or Damon's. The place has a very bright friendly atmosphere and the food is really quite good.

They are currently running a special where you get an appetizer (spinach artichoke dip w/chips) and a choice of 2 entrees out of 5 and a small plate of cheesecake minis all for $20.00.

The choices aren't as great as places like Applebee's who have offered similar specials but the food is really good. If you like ribs, chicken parmigiana, chicken tenders, steak salad or salmon, you'll do well to order the special.

I got the ribs and Mmmm they are so good. They are served with either a baked potato or fries and steamed veggies (so you can pretend like you had something healthy.)

The meat was fall of the bone tender and the sauce just the right amount of spicy not to offend a finicky pallet. The real star was the fries. Oh they were so good. Not too thin and not to thick with a touch of seasoning. Mmmm mmm nommy.

Then there was dessert. A bit skimpy yes, but not on flavor. Four little cheesecake bites and some whipped creme and a cherry.

Gorgeous and tasty! The only problem was sharing those little cheesecake bites. They were too good to give away! This is definitely a great quick place to stop and eat. (especially if you can't get into Cheddar's Casual Cafe down the road)

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