Monday, July 19, 2010

TV Sinks To A New Low

There's a show on ABC called Dating In The Dark. I only had to see the trailer to know that ABC has reached a new low. This kind of garbage really proves that American's will watch anything.

I don't think TV has to be all prestine and sweet a'la Donna Reed and Full House, but stuff like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and now this, proves that we can really be a disgusting bunch of individuals that will do anything for a buck, or a million bucks. (Most of the contestants don't take the trip down the aisle EVER)

But back to this new piece of garbage, which believe it or not is a show that originated in Switzerland!

The premise is interesting, contestants date in a darkroom where they have a chance to connect with members of the opposite sex without ever seeing what he/she looks like. It is a test in psychology, which tests the theory of compatibility. Listen up E-Whoremony!

And we all know that the type of people they pick for these shows are all about "SHALLOW" so if they choose to finally meet someone out of the dark room, there will be a lot of disappointment if the other person isn't sufficiently hot and this theory will be debunked in a few short episodes.

I can't believe anyone could watch this, but I feel that way about most of the reality based shows that the networks shove down our throats.

I want real TV damn it and this is just pathetic. I think even Mtv could do better.


Janelle said...

This was on a while ago & disappeared. I'd thought/hoped it was for good but apparently, that's unfortunately not the case.

I watched it back then out of curiosity, but yeah, that's basically it. Let's get some shallow asses on TV who will turn down the nicest person ever because they're not attractive enough.

DavePR said...

I am on the first episode of the second season! Sooo maybe give it a shot? If anything hate the game, not the player:) I wear suspenders if that counts for anything...