Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arrrrr! Pirates Everywhere

SOPA/PIPA has me thinking.

All the big wig industries want to limit our freedoms because of piracy. Piracy is bad. I understand that.

If you are a recording artist/author/ want people to pay for your product.

Makes sense

However it would be nice if the publishers/record companies/movie studios would stop gouging consumers for that product.

Oddly, I think that music piracy has helped the recording industry in knowing what is fair in pricing. (At least with digital media). A full album is seldom more than $9.99, which is actually what albums cost on vinyl many many moons ago. There are also many deals on new releases where you can get the album much cheaper than that. Physical CDs are priced too high...but I guess that explains why most people don't buy them anymore. Why buy a CD when you can get the download. Who needs the cases and liner notes? (I do..but I'm in a minority here)

The cost of movies just ridiculous all the way around. That's all I can say on that front. Tis a shame the films coming out these days are mostly is no wonder people don't want to pay for them, but hey at when you buy a DVD it is cheaper than taking your girlfriend/boyfriend/child to the theater.

With books however, digital copies are priced almost as high as the book. It really is amazing there isn't more piracy there. I guess it is because reading isn't as cool. But I have to gripe that a trade paperback copy of The Woman in Black was priced at $10.99 and the ebook $9.99.


Oh and a further gripe...if I buy a print copy of a book, I can share that with a friend or as many friends as I'd like..that's not the case with ebooks.

It really is no wonder piracy abounds in the entertainment world.

Rant ended..I'll step off my soap box for awhile

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