Sunday, January 15, 2012

Too Many Novellas Out There

I love a good book. I also love to discover new authors. Thanks to book blogging I've found quite a few great new writers in many genres that I absolutely adore.

What I can't stand about self publishing is that so many of the stories out there are novellas. W


I wonder how much that stupid Nanowrimo has to do with it? The word count of Nano is less than most Harlequin romances, m'kay and they are usually only about 180 pages.

Alot of the novellas out there have to be the results of Nanowrimo.

I despise Nanowrimo.

Ebooks are entirely too expensive when it comes to novellas.

$3.99 for 100 pages?

I don't fucking hardly think so.

Now I know many writers get on the discount train for Amazon and Barnes and that the books cost is taken down to about a buck, but still, it leaves me feeling I didn't get my moneys worth.

How apt are you to buy a novella in print form or ebook form?

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